What is this blog about?


Hello, world! Thanks for finding us…

We know there are fantastic communities that discuss children’s books, others that share information on audio books, a vast range of educational research communities, and yet others that deal with topics of media literacy or introduce parents and young people to “good” media options. To keep pace with this speedy evolution, we thought that the next step was to offer a place where anyone committed to making sure young people continue to develop strong literacy skills in the 21st century. Given that young people today spend more time than ever with media – and specifically, are outpacing their daily time spent reading with listening (often times on their .mp3 players) – it seems like the right time to share a dialogue about listening and learning.

Our hope is that parents, teachers, young people, academics, and anyone else observing this profound shift can come together to discuss how to take advantage of this movement to develop an interest and excitement around audio books. By embracing technology developments and shifts in media habits, we think we can help young people to build a love for reading, a confidence in their abilities, as well as a strong vocabulary, fluency, and other core literacy skills.

So, our vision is that in this forum, folks can talk openly about their experiences of “doing” audio books with young people (or young people “doing” audio books by themselves!), and through sharing of ideas, best practices, mistakes, favorite listens, and so on, we can all bring this powerful, fun, accessible learning to a wider range of young people, their families, and to their schools.

What do you think?


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