Discovering the Educational Potential of Audio Books


Last February, 2006, researchers at Temple University’s Media Education Lab partnered with to explore the educational potential of audio books in K-12 and higher education. We termed this field study “Discovering the Educational Potential of Audio Books,” and had a goal of putting Audible into the hands of 16 very different educators, and sitting back to observe their creativity as they thought about the technology and the library of audio books, and then experimented with how to use downloadable, digital audio books in the context of a lesson or series of lessons with their students. As an outcome, the Temple folks created a series of case studies for educators and parents to draw on to describe how Audible could be used with young people in the context of a classroom environment. We were floored by some of the creativity of the educators, and inspired by some of the feedback and stories from the kids! Over the next few weeks, Renee Hobbs, Director of the Temple Media Education Lab will share more detail about the study as well as the case studies, with the hope of hearing your own feedback and generating more ideas.

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