Audible and the NEA: “Listen with Your Kids Month”


You know Read Across America, right? The National Education Association the month-long program is in its tenth year, and this year it has something extra. Well, this year, it’s a little more special. Audible and the NEA have teamed up to bring “Listen with Your Kids” month. Audible will be providing great free audiobooks for download each week this month, and the NEA, along with other partners, will be bringing the message of spoken word audio to their audience.

This past week, we feature Maurice Sendak’s classic Where the Wild Things Are.

Act fast, though, because we’re going to swap this audiobook out with a new one tomorrow. Tomorrow’s audio selection will feature spoken word excerpts of numerous Newbery Award winners as well as an interactive portion in “quiz show” style. Librarians we’ve spoken with tell us that kids really enjoy this series from Random House’s Listening Library, and we hope you’ll like it too.

You can visit Audible’s Listen with Your Kids Month site for updates here:

Check in on the page throughout the month for new information and more free downloads. Later this week, we’ll also be introducing a page of information on listening with your kids. It will include some research-based information on the benefits of audio, parent testimonials, and ideas on the best ways to share a listening moment with your child.

As always, post your comments and let us let us know what you think about this program,

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