My experience with and my two-year old


My daughter Abby, like many 2 years olds, has an amazing ability to be interested in just about everything. Along those lines, as a parent I recognize that because of Abby’s age and the “everything’s fun” attitude that goes with it, I feel that now is the absolutely best time to introduce her to various forms of stimulation and learning. With regard to developing her ability to listen, it is such a critical skill to have throughout life, yet most often left to chance. In my professional experience, the people who excel in their careers are often the ones who have excellent listening skills – the ability to hear the content of a conversation or meeting and synthesize/retain the information. Ironically, as I reflect upon my own education as I was growing up, only a tiny fraction was dedicated to actual listening skills. As parents, my wife and I of course want to proactively build a strong cognitive foundation for our child, upon which the rest of her education will be built. To do this, we have pursued the normal gamut of developmental toys, interactive games, lots of outdoor time and scores of books which we dutifully (any joyfully) read together. Thanks to the audible children’s book, we have added listening to books as part of our goal to exposing Abby to the things that will help her growth and learning. And just like when we started reading books to her before she could understand what the words meant or what the storyline exactly was, my wife and I started having her listen to stories before she could really comprehend what the storyline was. The goal is exposure to a variety of input. Naturally, with books she is now more able follow the plot, is engaged in the pictures, and is becoming more and more aware of the letters and words that tell the story. Likewise with listening, she’s naturally gaining the ability to understand that there is a person reading a story. She already knows that stories are fun and interesting. The skill builds itself. As a parent, I simply have to choose what types of things she’s exposed to and engage in them with her to “get the ball rolling.” I can’t emphasize enough how important good listen skills are in life.

I have B.S. in Education and have worked as a teacher at the secondary education level. I’ve transitioned into the business world, both private sector and with the government. In all settings I’ve seen the advantages that people with good listening skills have over those who have poor listening skills. I am certain that having strong listening skills is a clear advantage for anyone’s personal and professional growth. It is for that reason that I strongly encourage and support Audible’s growth in educational offerings, including the toddler years.


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