My students seem more engaged in audio


Through a grant, I was able to get a set of mp3 players and my middle school science students listen to and discuss audio content several times in my class. In addition, I show several videos throughout the year. I have been amazed that, although my kids seem to agree that the film and audio media I select is engaging, accessible and relevant to the class, the kids seem to be more actively engaged when they are asked to listen than when they are asked to watch. As long as I keep the audio segments short enough, kids generally sit upright, nod, take notes and work at listening. In contrast, they seem more passive when they are watching video. A similar difference is evident in their notes. I create note-taking guides for both video and audio, and kids tend to infer and write more when we listen than when we watch. I am curious if other people notice the same and, if so, why do you think that might be the case?


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