Developing 3 new readers… at once



My wife Amy and I very much feel that reading needs to be a top priority for our children. We have three boys, Alex (6), Andrew (4) and Gregory (2) who love to have us read to them. We have found that reading allows our kids to step out of the chaotic schedule of the day and focus on learning letters and words, enjoy stories and learning some cool facts about several topics including animals, nature, outer space, planes and trains. Each of our children’s interests are of course different and their reading and comprehension level is very different. Coupled with the fact that our time is limited at night after the hustle and bustle of dinner, baths, etc, and the kids’ bedtimes are all close together, we often find ourselves unable to find the time to read to each child, or spend a very short stint of time with each child. has opened a new opportunity for us. While we do enjoy “reading time” with our children, my wife or i will now work with 1 child at a time on reading from a book while the other 2 listen to audible on my laptop. For example, I recently had one of them reading Charlotte’s Web while the other two listened to Cat in the Hat. After the oldest had read for a while, I had him listen to some passages from Charlotte’s Web (which helped the story sink in), and gave the Cat in the Hat book to my middle son (who had just heard the professional narrator reading the same words). This way, each child got a longer and varied exposure than they normally would.

In addition, our family travels frequently long distances by car and plane, and having these books available in this format provides them a productive, fun and quiet (for the adults) activity for those long hours of travel.


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