Grades 6-8

This is a space for parents, educators, and students to discuss their experiences with audio for grades 6-8. Join the discussion by adding a comment below!


One Response to “Grades 6-8”

  1. Meghan Nolan Says:

    Rising Tide is a powerful listen/discuss!
    My middle school science students work with streamtables to investigate watersheds, stream formation, delta development and flooding. In conjunction with our experiments, I played/we discussed excerpts of Rising Tide by John M. Berry (now part of N.Orleans high school curriculum). The book would be too difficult as an independent read for my students, but by listening and discussing together, students were able to connect the discoveries they made in class to the what has happened to the Mississippi River over years as a result of flooding and changes people have made to the wetlands and the river’s flow. Listening to this powerful book allowed kids to put Katrina in context and to see how important it is that we understand the impact of human intervention on nature.

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